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Baker Special

Photo From: CrumptonFactor - Album: No Album

Description: This fly was invented by John Baker and Jeff Crumpton in 1990 at Snowshoe WV. We still tie the original colors, and new variations invented by John Baker. The original Baker Special was tied in a grayish blue Ice crystal head with gray marabo collar and gray hackles for the tail or grizzle hackle I will post latter. This fly came about when Baker and I sat down to share what each of us knew about fly tying,which wasn't much back then.But we knew we wanted something different that acts like bait fish when it is moving thru the water. I like it tied in the original color crystal head with tan collar and badger hackle sides , for it matches the bait fish in the Elk river in WV. John has his favorite colors for fishing the Canton Narrows for striper on the Bay. Any way this is the color I use to catch redfish now that I live in florida, we use chartrues and white for Tarpon along the beaches of Naples.

Uploaded: 6/23/2004 by CrumptonFactor
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